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Stressors Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Face In The U.s

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How strengths and risks impact people’s lives

Rights/Implications/Social workers role

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Grandparenting grandchildren should be a memorable experience. You get to laugh and hug your children, have the chance to spoil them with treats and gifts before they are returned to Mom and dad. For a growing number of grandparents, joy dates with grandchildren are being replaced by full-time childcare. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are only now starting to notice that grandparents’ health is suffering from the increased demands.

Grandparents of grandchildren often face stressors not found in other situations. This financial burden is a major stressor, as shown in both videos. After years of fighting to get custody for their grandchildren, the Douthitts had to pay legal fees and court costs totalling thousands or even thousands of dollar. They have struggled to survive after almost losing their home due to foreclosure. The Douthitts are not content with just paying for their home and mortgage. They also provide tutoring and therapy for their three grandchildren. Cathy could work again, but it was difficult for her to afford six grandchildren. Cathy was unable to afford daycare so she sought financial assistance to help her children. Grandparents are tired of juggling after school activities and looking after their grandchildren. Depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and alcoholism are all common problems in grandparents. These problems are often linked to stress from being parents again, in far more difficult situations than the last time. This is due in large part to the increased number of grandparents raising grandchildren. This is exactly what Cathy had to deal with when she was a child. She now cares full-time for her grandchildren. How grandparents cope with the caregiving burden will be revealed using Socioemotional Pickivity Theory as well as the Role Strain Theory. What are their strengths and risks? Some grandparents want to live long enough to care for their grandchildren. This is a strength. The risk is that they will take on their health problems and try to find relief. Some grandparents may find it helpful to seek the help of doctors to manage stress. Grandparent caregivers are often viewed as an elite group that is at risk of developing health problems. Because of this, many grandparents become self-advocators who use their grandchildren’s support to make better decisions. Cathy was able get up the courage and strength to return to work after her retirement. However, this gave her the skills and confidence to cope with loss, be self-determined, and empower herself. While the transition had some adverse effects, it also brought her closer and strengthened her relationships with her family through support groups. Cathy lost many of the people she loved, but made new friends and found support in her grandchildren. Grandparents who raise grandchildren show resilience in facing these challenges and improving the lives of those they love. Rights/Implications/Social workers roleLaws vary from state to state when dealing with grandparents raising grandchildren. It is expensive for grandparents to seek legal assistance because of the many laws. Because grandparents are expected to be able and willing to care for grandchildren, this has serious implications. Florida prohibits grandparents, even in the most dire of circumstances, from seeking custody of their grandchildren. However, Florida allows grandparents to have custody of their grandchildren in certain circumstances. These cases require costly court cases. The Douthitts family had to sue to obtain custody. Cathy had to also fight for guardianship, as her grandchildren were taken by their parents. The problem creates pressure on families by making it seem that the problem is threatening the family’s existence. While grandparents have priority, it is difficult for parents to get custody of the child in Florida, especially if the parent has died. Grandparents who want to be the caregiver for their grandchildren should focus on themselves so they can stay around. It is not uncommon for grandparents to neglect their health, especially if they have a fixed income. They should try to minimize their own health issues, especially if it is money-related. For legal reasons, grandparents often ignore or downplay the symptoms of their grandchildren even when money isn’t an issue. Grandparents who seek custody of grandchild due to drug addiction fear losing custody. The Douthitt family’s battle with cancer is an example. At the macro level, the social worker’s role is to advocate for the grandparents and their grandchildren. These obstacles can be overcome by grandparents who are determined to raise their grandchildren well. Social workers have to assist grandparents in tapping into their inner strength to help them navigate this new stage of their lives. Grandparent Reaching Out is a group that supports and advocates for grandparents who care for grandchildren. Support groups are needed to provide information for members of this community, such as updates on the discipline procedures, legal aspects regarding custody and guardianship, and a space for them to vent. Grandparents often feel guilty about not being able to provide the same level of care and support for their grandchildren as their friends. It is also common for grandparents to feel isolated. This issue is not only seen daily, but is also encountered repeatedly. This is a problem that requires laws to be made, particularly in Florida. As grandparents raise grandchildren, this is an ongoing problem that will only get worse. It is crucial for social workers to identify ways to assist those who are in such a situation by providing education and resources. The lack of resources and education in this area are the main reasons for advocating this. This issue outlines the social worker code of ethics. This includes advocating, promoting and identifying issues and resources. Grandparents raising grandchildren can have many consequences. The benefits of raising grandchildren can be overwhelming if you have the right support, guidance and resources. Although financial struggles and stress are always a concern, grandparents can be educated and supported by social workers to help them navigate this transition.


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