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Myburgerlab ’s Background

MyBurgerLab, Malaysia’s most famous brand for handmade burger patties. Chin Ren Yi, aged 31, founded myBurgerLab with Teoh Weekiat, 23, Cheah Chan Min,28 as his partners. Their initial plan was to open a cafe that sells food. They don’t have the skills to cook, so they make burgers. They realized that the ingredients are more important than their cooking skills when making a hamburger. MyBurgerLab was founded by Chin Ren Yi, who visited the United States to work. He noticed that fast food giants like McDonald’s aren’t as popular as they used to be. America’s hamburger retailers are able to fill up the lines at places like In-N-Out. When a customer orders a hamburger in America, the retailer uses fresh ingredients. This is known by the term “made-to order”.

They got their inspiration from America’s burger restaurant and thought Malaysia should have one too. They tried to emulate the successful restaurants in America and created myBurgerLab. They searched online for burger recipes, and found one that made a great burger. The Black Charcoal bun was also a unique option that they decided to trademark. After their product is finished, they test it in a restaurant. Red Bean Bag, Solaris Dutamas provides them with the opportunity to try their product in a restaurant. Many positive reviews and comments were received. They decided to open a shop. Seapark is affordable enough to rent. They are selling great burgers, so even though it is an older shop with high traffic. Pax, their friend, offered to design the interior of the shop’s decor. This saved them money. They also avoided financial problems by relying on friends for help. They next visited Petaling Jaya as well Kuala Lunpur. These are high-traffic areas and their rent is only RM8,000 to RM9,000 each month.


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