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How The Chinese New Year Began

Ever heard of Nian’s story? Nian is a horrible monster who ate people on Chinese New Year Eve. This monster was scared of loud noises and red colors, so people would decorate their houses with red paper, wear red clothing and light fireworks. Chinese New Years has its roots in this. Chinese New Year has always been a major holiday in China. During this time, Chinese families stay together to celebrate the Chinese Year. Chinese New Year is celebrated in a variety of ways by Chinese people.

Chinese people have a special relationship with the Chinese new year. The first is that it marks the start of a brand new year. The new year is the beginning of a successful and prosperous year. Most importantly, Chinese New Year allows people to spend time with their families. The Chinese value reunion more than anything else. Chinese New Year Eve is the first day of the Chinese New Year celebration. According to Nian’s story, on New Year Eve, people decorate their homes with paper cutouts pasted onto panes and wear at least one red garment. This is the new year, so people remove old furniture to replace them with newer ones. Chinese consider New Year’s eve dinner as the most important. This is usually the dinner for family reunions, especially when family members are away. Fish and dumplings are usually served at the dinner because they represent wealth and luck. Families stay up until midnight to fire fireworks. All these things are done during New Year’s. New Year’s Day is not the only day people celebrate.

The festival is not just about the main events. Whenever children visit relatives or friends, they are always given “Red Packets”, a gift from older people that contains money. The days when children are happiest are these days. Visitors can enjoy the market with its delicious food and many shows including the Lion and Dragon Dances and other traditional rituals. The festival is a time when people can relax and forget about their homework.

Chinese New Year’s my favorite celebration because I am able to spend the holiday with my parents. Also, I can get “Red Packets”. My parents will miss me even though I cannot take a Chinese New Year vacation. Chinese New Year is a very important holiday to Chinese. It is a long-standing tradition. These days may be the coldest of the year but they are also the most warm for all Chinese. I believe that other people have festivals as important as Chinese Year.


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