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Where I Want To Be When I Grow Up

“Your fear will only survive if you do”. In the 5 years that I have left, all I want is to survive. How can I use all the experience that I’ve gained in my life if nothing comes of it? I make decisions now that will affect my future and the lives of others. In five to seven years, I could see myself graduating and meeting the woman of my dreams. I don’t wish to make decisions that will derail me from my goals. I can see myself earning a physical therapy degree at WSU. I can imagine myself becoming a more decent member of society. It’s one thing to be able see the things, but another to actually do them. The thought of doing all these things alone scares the hell out of me. I’m afraid that my dreams for the future may be just that – dreams.

In 15 years, I see myself achieving success in my life. After I have established myself in the last few decades, I can start to see myself as one of my field’s best. It has been said that the job of a divorce and family attorney is a very difficult one to master. I think that my skills from working for and with others will help to prepare me for the difficulties and drama that comes with this job. I would like to settle down and have others in my family to look after. Basketball will still play a significant role in my life. I have been playing basketball for many years, and I want to continue practicing whether I am competing or using it as entertainment.

Physical therapy is the job that I’ve been thinking about. I’d like to be a sports trainer. I enjoy sports and I would love to work with athletes and injuries. Athletic trainers are in constant contact with coaches, athletes and medical professionals. The athletic trainers are responsible for ensuring athletes are prepared to play and that their diet is maintained. They also ensure that injuries are treated quickly and naturally. It is important to have a love for sports, and especially the athletes. You may not care if an athlete returns to their sport if you do not have passion for the sport. It is important that they can make decisions on the fly, which will impact people’s lives for years to come. The consequences of a bad decision can be costly for both the client and the employee. This would be an amazing job because I’d get to work with things I love, and also help others.

If I were to try to achieve all the things mentioned in the paragraph above, I’d like to remain in Utah. It would be even better if I could achieve these goals while attending SUU or USU. These colleges all have programs that can help me earn any degree, but I need to think about how far from my family I would like to be. It is my goal to accomplish one of these in the next 5-10 year. The degree will take me 5-7 years on average to finish. In the interim, I’ll be able work and start my family after school is done. All of my desired degrees require a 4 year bachelor’s program and 2 years or more of additional schooling.

I enjoy helping others. My job as an athlete trainer will allow me to combine my passion for helping others with the things I enjoy. I don’t wish to spend my life in a job I hate. It’s not enough for me to just make a decent living. I also need to have fun. What it really comes down too is my desire to give back the world to which I have been so incredibly grateful for all of my life.

To conclude, I have to graduate high school before anything can happen. What I do after highschool, or even during highschool, will have a major impact on the direction I choose to take. To go to college, I need to have the money to do so. The scholarship search can be the difference between me being able to go to college and not. The importance of saving money for the future is not limited to scholarships. In my lifetime, I will face expenses that I never considered because I have always had them covered. College is also not going to come easy. I’ll need to learn how to study so I don’t just memorize information, but can actually remember it so I can pass my exams and eventually the entire class. It’s unlikely that I will be hired by employers in droves once I finish college. It will take some effort from me to find and keep a good job. While I’m still in school, I want to start my family. Finding the right person is an important part of this process. Then, after I’ve found “THE One” to marry, I will begin planning and budgeting to raise my children. All of this fits into my overall life plan and who I want be.


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