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“To Kill A Mockingbird” Summer Reading

This novel’s setting is an important factor in the overall story. It takes place in Alabama, in a fictional town called Maycomb. The “Great Depression”, which took place in the 1930s, was another factor. The setting seems strange to most people. As stated on page 5, “In rainy conditions, the streets were reddish slop.”

Boo Radley was a character who played a large role in the novel. Boo had been internally hurt by Boo’s father when he grew up and developed an unsettling personality. Boo Radley, a character in the novel who plays a big role, was internally hurt by his father at a young age and grew to have s creepy personality.

Scout Finch’s best quality is her intelligence. In chapter 2, page 19, it mentions that she’s literate. Nobody else in the class is. “…,. When she learned I was literate, she looked more distasteful at me.

After working together on a project, I discovered that he is a brave and outgoing person. We became good friends.

Walter Cunningham shares the same background as Burris, both coming from poor backgrounds. Walter had suggested that he would not be able to pay for his lunch. Walter Cunningham keeps his dignity, despite being poor. Burris, however, is not as active. “…Ewells were the disgrace in Maycomb, as stated on page 33. They have all done nothing but slack work.

Dill, Jem and Scout peer-pressured Scout to sneak in the Radleys Backyard. They first went under the fence. Dill was helped to climb up to the window. A mysterious shadow appeared. Then they heard a shot. My parents discovered that I had lied about taking the trash out.

I found the pocket-watch that could not run the most interesting. It was significant to me as my parents had gifted me an expensive Apple watch on my 13th birthday.

Mockingbirds are a symbol of purity. Atticus once said, “to kill one is to commit a crime”. I think that this relates with the characters Boo Robinson and Tom Radley because they’ve done nothing wrong.

Jem & Scout learn that it is important to get to know someone before judging them. Atticus thinks Mrs. Dubose fought bravely against her Morphine addiction. Jem Scout also seem angry at themselves as they were arrogant toward her and did not know her condition.

Harper Lees intent with the Lula church scene is to show the readers how difficult it was for negroes to receive an education, and to demonstrate the extent to which discrimination impacts people. Beyond Religion, The church provides a helping-hand to Tom Robinsons Family when his wife struggles with taking care the child.

Calpurnia had been the primary female influence in Scout’s life prior to Aunt Alexandra’s arrival. Calpurnia helped Scout build character, keep her safe, teach her right from bad. My mother is an adult who has had a significant influence on me. She was always strict, but i listened to it because i knew it would be for the better.

The jail scene was a surprise in the book and it kept readers interested. Jem and Scouts’ lives were in danger when they followed Atticus to his meeting with the mysterious men. Atticus had been talking to a group that was walking out from four cars. Scout, Jem and Dill all came out hiding. Atticus only had 15 seconds before the men began to threaten the children. Scout’s relationship with Mr. Cunningham was the key to resolving this situation. Scout spoke to Mr. Cunningham and asked him about legal implications. Mr. Cunningham was embarrassed and asked his men not to approach them. Jem was interested in the situation of his fathers, wanted to help and showed maturity by establishing new relationships.

Atticus being appointed as the attorney for Tom Robinson is significant because it was during a time when discrimination was prevalent and Atticus, despite being white, was assigned to defend Tom, a black man. It is clear that Atticus will do his best in any situation to help anyone. My grades would have gone down if I didn’t do my homework.

Scout described how the courthouse is laid out. The whites are on the 1st floor, while the African Americans are up in the balcony. Jem, Scout, and their seats had a special significance. They sat at the same level as the African Americans.

Mayella’s testimony in Tom Robinson’s case is inconsistent. Atticus asks her first if she remembers Tom beating her up, and she answers no. Then she replies yes.

Dolphus Raymond lied in order to change the perceptions of people about him. He pretended to be drunk and hoped that most people would judge his lifestyle and personality based on this. When I told a lie, it was to protect a friend from being ridiculed by people near me. I did this to make him feel safe.

Black Communities said that Atticus had more respect in their eyes because he stood up for Tom Robinson. Bob Ewells was angry at the verdict and spent his life trying to stop Atticus. Jem was not surprised by the verdict. He was in shock and had high hopes that Atticus would win. Jem had a similar reaction to mine. I felt shocked, as Tom had proved himself. But no one listened.

Tom Robinson, a crippled man who would have had a better chance of escaping prison with two good arms, was shot seventeen times in the rear. Tom Robinson is a handicapped man and would have been better off with two arms. Mr. Underwood described Tom’s death as symbolic, saying that it was wrong to kill someone who has a disability.

Scout has matured, learned to care for her family, and maintained respect. She also has grown in wisdom as she experiences many hardships.

Irony of Mrs. Gates’s lesson for her class is she is racist in her own locality, yet criticizes Hitlers antisemitic laws. It is clear that discrimination played a major role in events of this period. Many children today face discrimination based on race.

Jem & Scout walk home from a pageant and feel that they are being followed. Then suddenly, a mysterious man attacks them. Both were terrified, but Scout’s narration made the scene believable. Her words also reflected her fear.

Atticus was a lawyer who firmly believes in justice. Atticus was appointed as the lawyer in the Tom Robinson Case. He couldn’t refuse, otherwise his reputation in Maycomb might suffer.

Scout realized that Atticus’s words at the start of the book were true. You have to step into another person’s shoes to fully understand them. And she did just that by looking out Boo’s window and imagining what he would’ve been thinking.


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