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The Importance Of First Job Experience

People with a first job experience gain new knowledge, practical skills, and experience that will help them become more effective leaders, earn higher salaries, and contribute to a company’s development. A first job can change an individual’s life. It may stimulate personal growth and teach how to value human relationships. The first time a person works, they should be able to learn, gain experience, acquire new skills, and take away lessons.

It is important for any person to work for companies who share their values and encourage them to grow. As an employee, you will learn how to navigate the office culture, build social networks, gain experience in the field, and advance your career. The company culture has a direct impact on employee happiness. A company’s culture should be based on treating employees the right way, providing a learning and growth environment, as well. A chance for people to express themselves creatively is also important (Johnson, 2018.) Training is a vital and interesting process that every individual who aims to be the best professional and achieve a great career must undergo. Managers still spend more than two thirds their time in many companies on other things, rather than developing personnel. The most successful companies in the world have long implemented a program of training and personal development. Managers are also viewed as having a crucial role to play when it comes to mentoring. Personal development is essential for career advancement. In this way, common goals between employers and those receiving first-job experience positively affect their development.

It is important to remember that the first job experience will teach you to always contribute your best effort to the company goals, regardless of how talented an individual may be (Forbes 2016, 2016). Assess and analyze the current situation. If necessary, gather additional information. It is important to look at the information from various angles. In the case of managing a budget for a small group, the person should not only use the Excel sheet, but also create graphs to show the impact certain expenses have on the team budget. IT professionals can find it very useful to be able to analyze web traffic and load. The struggle to complete the task and learn about the company is a good way to gain first-hand experience.

After a first job, it is clear that not everyone respects a person despite his or her high education and achievements. It’s not a good idea, but you should keep working and achieving your goals. Hard work is important, but so are people skills. This is because people with high levels of skill are more productive. Also, this includes the ability to be an effective team member, a listener and have good communication and emotional skills. A person with good people skills and an open mind will go far (Johnson, 2018,). In the first few months of a new job, individuals will be working with people who may not have similar values to their own, but are still required to communicate, cooperate and work as a team.

Even if an individual does not share an office with other colleagues, the importance of teamwork in today’s world cannot be overstated. A freelancer must work with customers and address their needs. In order to work together towards a common goal, an individual must always be professional. In examining the topic of Leadership in greater detail, you will find that true leaders do not have a very high IQ but rather a highly developed EQ – emotional Intelligence. They may not be able do the actual work, but they can delegate and take responsibility for results. Most leaders are professionals, but this is not enough to achieve success.

Ask, Listen, and Learn should be the mantra of all people, regardless of their experience. For some first-time functions, knowledge and prior experience are required. To learn how people solve problems and provide solutions to the business, it is helpful to ask others. The lessons of life are never-ending. It involves both theoretical and practice-based knowledge. The process of learning never ends, even if you have a highly successful career. Successful people are always learning, reading books and doing research to improve their careers (Johnson,2018). To grow and develop as a human being, learning is essential.

Flexibility is something that first-time employees should learn. While a boss might ask you to concentrate on another task, they may hire you to perform a certain obligation. Being able to adjust allows you to learn and grow. Flexible people can leave their comfort zones and alter their personal path (Forbes 2016, Forbes). It is important to keep an open and flexible mind when people are first starting their career. It is possible to change career paths, but the goal of growth and improvement will always remain (Johnson, 2017). Leadership and strategic decision-making are essential in today’s world of rapid change. They are essential for employees to adapt to the constant changes.

In summary, first-job experience makes people more confident, teaches them the importance of human relations, and enhances their leadership skills. They become more flexible, emotionally intelligent, always learning, and constantly improving themselves.


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