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My Hero: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s last remarks as First lady were made on the 6th of January 2017. She has been serving President Barack Obama for a long period of time and is now saying goodbye. She received a Law degree from Harvard University. She served as a Legal Advisor for a Chicago Lawyer, Assistant Director of Planning and Improvement in Chicago City Hall. She also directed the Chicago Chapter of Public Allies. It is not just that her resume is impressive, but it also shows her passion and commitment to providing open assistance.

Let’s Move was the main significant activity to focus on the youth obesity epidemic in the United States. Michelle Obama’s White house Gardens were a popular place for kids from D.C. to learn about healthy eating and living. The program was created to allow more than 90,000 spouses of military personnel to find employment through organizations who were part of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership. The Military Childhood Education Compact is a program that supports children associated with military personnel from kindergarten through high-school in all 50 states. Michelle Obama started the Campaign to Change Direction just in 2015. It was aimed at raising awareness for psychological well-being, particularly among servicemen.

Michelle Obama has been my hero for many years because of all the amazing things she did and accomplished. Martha Washington’s title as first lady was a very different position. Women, like Michelle Obama do not sit beside their spouses anymore. Instead they work with them. Michelle Obama, a working mother with two children who is highly educated and intelligent, has a passion for her work. She is an international leader and a well-known figure in our country. Her passion and work have helped to solidify the role of women in politics. Michelle Obama has been encouraging women to use their voice to be heard. She said that she believes that countries will be stronger when their citizens are heard.

Michelle Obama’s long-term service to our country has been both a source of respect and benefit. She taught me to be confident in my own voice. She has always been able to rise above the misogynist remarks, bias and bigot remarks that were directed at her. She used ‘voices doubt’ in order to create expectations and change among America’s young people. Her authenticity helped her to communicate with America’s young people. Michelle Obama gives me the confidence to believe that I can work hard to improve my country and gain ground. Her brilliant and inspiring talks made me realise that it is not only men who get to make the decisions. Michelle Obama was and continues to be a source of inspiration for me.


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