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My Future Career: Why I Want To Be A Clinical Psychologist

The workings of the human brain, and the way it can influence mental health and disorders is something that has always fascinated me. Still to this day, psychology fascinates me. I find it fascinating that we cannot explain every single behavior. In college I learned that to be successful, you need to be focused, determined, hardworking, and dedicated. I study fine art, maths and psychology in college. I have also developed skills that will be useful at university.

Maths, for example, has challenged me academically and helped me to develop my skills. Maths encouraged me to take leadership in my roles, work as a member of a team and work independently. It promotes the solution of tactical problems. The topic of calculus in Maths is very interesting to me. It’s similar to psychology in that you can solve an equation in different ways.

Fine art allows my passion for work to flourish. Fine art taught me new ways to express myself and expanded my creative abilities. The subject of fine art requires passion, precision and an attention to detail. I have learned these skills through this course and they have greatly influenced me. Abstract paintings fascinate me as they are viewed differently by each person, much like the way people perceive illnesses and disability.

It is both academically challenging as well as enjoyable. Psychology requires hard work and persistence. It is the subject I enjoy most because it raises many questions about people and society. The core studies we studied have changed my view and helped me understand certain behaviours better. Baron Cohen’s study helped explain, for instance, why Aspergers patients like my friend may find it difficult to understand sarcasm in jokes or when someone is showing emotion toward them. The subjects I’ve chosen will help me develop such skills as perseverance, determination and communication.

I enjoy volunteering when I’m unable to study. The princess Diana award was given to me in 2014 in recognition of my charitable work, which was mainly done for CAFOD. At night, I go bouldering and rock climbing in the leisure centre, an activity I find very enjoyable. It helps me build confidence, enhances my communication abilities with those who are on a different level, and makes me realize that I am in a position where I can help others. I love watching ‘the secrets life of 4 years old’. This is a series that looks at the behavior of children between the ages of 4 and 6. It gives a good explanation of why these children behave as they do.

It is interesting to me because it helps me learn about child psychology by examining behaviours that you would not normally analyse or think are normal for children. During the school holidays, or at other times, I work at a Dr Kruger clothing store in the city. It has given me valuable experience in interacting and communicating with others, which I believe has helped me become more confident. It was also important to me that I kept track of my time and be punctual. As a result, I am confident that I will thrive as a full-trained clinical psychologist.


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