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Eternal Contradiction: Happiness Is More Important Than Money

Both money and happiness play a significant role in a person’s life. People will debate about their impact, and which one is better for the people. This also means what is more important between money and happiness. I hope people can be happy when they work hard to earn money. I visit a website with many academic journals. I looked up some data on money and happiness, which showed that money is not as important to people. Money is made to enable people to enjoy a happier life. Money is not as important for people when they are living a basic material existence. If they are looking to make more cash, they may lose out on many important things like the company of family members, friends, or children who can influence their happiness. With my research, i hope people gain a new perspective on the importance and value of happiness.

Our life becomes better and more enjoyable with the growth of economic and social development. The question remains: what is the point of our existence? Do we live to make money or do we live to be happy? Which is the most important? What is important, money or happiness?

Different people think differently. Money is important to some people over happiness. They think they will be able to purchase more if they are richer. If they are happy, then that is what they want. Some people, however, believe that they do not need a lot of money to be happy. They would be happy to stay home and cook for their family. According to them, happiness comes easily. They think that accompanying is a simple way to make themselves happy. In addition, they would be happier if their bodies were healthy, if traveling with loved ones was possible, and if playing with friends made them happy. Happiness is not about money. It’s more important to be happy.

Many young adults today are in a constant struggle for survival. They believe if they were to have more wealth, they would be able to live a happier life. Can money make you happy? Maich (2008) studied money and happiness and found that it is unquestionably linked to happiness. Money provides power and freedom. The way we use that power and freedom is a reflection of our own values. It’s true that money can make your life better and you’ll be happier, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happy. Happiness can make us happier and improve our lives. Happiness affects our family, health and temperament. Happiness can be achieved without spending a lot of money and is important to us.

Happiness has a big impact on temperament. Holder and Klassen, (2010), conducted research to determine the effect of happiness on humans. They concluded that happiness could influence people’s behavior, increasing their level of activity. Not only does the character a child has on happiness, but it also influences the character an adult. Happiness has a significant impact on character development and growth. Shiner (1998) discovered that happiness has a significant impact on the psychology of a child during their growth. A child can benefit from a happy childhood by establishing a good character. Holder and Coleman (2008) discovered that happiness could help children to be free of anxiety. Happiness is beneficial to children because anxiety can negatively impact their learning and lives. Happiness can influence an adult’s temperament. Costa and McCrae ( 1980) concluded that personality is strongly linked to happiness among adults. Outgoing people are happier and more likely to be active in their work and life. If a person is happy, it can make him more positive and extrovert.

Our family is happy. Happiness affects children’s education and growth, and it can create a harmonious family. Belen, Janice and Michaela did research in 2016 on Children’s and Adolescents’ Conceptions of Happiness. Sternberg, Nigro and Michaela (1980) concluded that happiness can be a positive thing. It is also a feeling. It is important for their research if children grow up in a happy environment. It’s not just about the childhood of a child, but also how they grow up.

Is happiness based on money? Money brings happiness. But after acquiring certain wealth, this correlation slowly fades. Money can bring happiness if it is used for the right reasons. The overall happiness and wellness of an individual can be improved by supporting certain lifestyles. Money is needed to support certain lifestyles, which is the main reason why people link happiness and money.


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