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Physical Therapist Interview And Job Introduction

I hope to be a physical therapist in five-ten years. Physical therapists assist people with pain management and movement improvement. PT’s can also help patients with mobility and other health issues. Your job is not just to restore mobility and physical function but also to improve the patient’s quality and overall wellbeing. The Physical Therapist title and co-ownership of a PT clinic is what the person I interviewed holds at the moment. Kevin Dorf is his name. Kevin was a volunteer for the Special Olympics when I first met him. I had considered asking for his help before I learned that I had an assignment. This just made it more compelling to get to know him. It’s been about two years since I started researching the field of Physical Therapists. To be able to have an in-depth discussion alongside the information I already have was extremely helpful.

What education requirements are required for a physical therapist? For physical therapist licensure, each individual must complete a DPT-level doctoral program in physical therapy. Kevin holds an MPT degree, however, there is no longer any MPT training available at schools. The bachelor’s degree you need to become a DPT is required before you can pursue a doctorate in the same field. If your college doesn’t offer a PTA/PT entry-level program, kinesiology will be the best choice. This could take anywhere from 7 to 8 years. For many, it is too long. Kevin said that even though it may seem like a long process, it is worth it. What is the best thing about being a PT? I inquired. He responded, “Working in the field of Physical Therapy is very rewarding.” Helping someone overcome obstacles and reach their goals is an amazing feeling. You can also focus and work with less stress than the business world. Hearing these words made me feel like he was reading my thoughts about my dream career. It was fascinating to learn that you can work in a field without having to worry about the stress. It could be different depending on which company or sector you work in, he added. What could you have done differently? I was curious. “The only thing you would change is becoming more involved. I did not become involved in the PT world until I received my MPT. There are many society’s and organizations that can assist you in achieving what you think is impossible. I would advise you to get involved in all aspects of your career. To make sure that you are not missing anything, volunteer where you can. Sit down with your peers. Kevin said, “This allows you to get to know the intricacies of the field and where you fit in.” This information is very valuable to me. He helped me to realize that the more I get help, the greater my chances of success. I continued the interview with him by asking him “What future changes do we see in this industry?” “The future for PT is bright.” The field is likely to change as technology, people and injuries improve. It will be possible to assist more complex disorders and patients in a shorter time span. Kevin stated that patients will continue to live a happier life because of all the health tips as well as medical educational views and research. According to research, physical therapists are expected to grow by almost 30% over the next 10 years. This is almost twice the rate of most other medical professions. The interview information made me even more determined to be a physical therapist. Being a Physical Therapist is what I love most. Anatomy and the study of how our bodies function is what I enjoy. It’s also a way for me to learn about anatomy and help people move better. Physical therapy is like medicine without having to take the medicine. It would bring me joy knowing that I was able to help someone walk again or function normally. While I am aware that it is not an easy task, this is something I’m willing do. My current job will help me to be the best PT that I can. Everyday I have a chance to see the duties of a physical therapist. It will be thrilling to see this field develop and contribute. This interview was a great lesson. Although it gives an insight into what to expect, each person will have their own unique experiences. This allows you to begin your network and find mentors. Devin was also kind and patient. While we didn’t have time to talk, he was always available to help and offer information when needed. We are grateful and eager to meet other aspiring PTs.


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