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Analysis Of Michael Jackson’s Most Popular Album “Thriller”

Michael Jackson’s pop opus “Thriller,” which was a cultural milestone for the music industry, was a major musical breakthrough. One track, out of many hard-hitting tracks by Michael Jackson, truly captured his essence. Jackson’s ability as a musician is demonstrated in “Billie Jean.” “Billie Jean,” which features a darker, more mature track, powerful production and voice-overs, as well personal impact, is a standout among Jackson’s remarkable catalog. The song’s opening beat is darker than Jackson’s, giving it a unique and interesting sound. The track becomes more mysterious as the listener progresses deeper into it. “Billie Jean,” is a film-like experience. The song’s introduction, which features Jackson and Billie Jean, is a great way to get the audience involved in the story.

The film seems more mature than Jackson’s past films, and it plays out as a movie. Many have speculated on the true meaning, but it’s up to you. I believe the lyrics are about Jackson’s experiences with fame, being a celebrity and taking dangerous turns. As he introduces us, a beautiful woman appears. I believe that this song is about an obsessive Michael Jackson fan. This “Billie Jean”, believes Jackson is her father and will not give up on that idea. Jackson, who wants to be completely free from this whole thing, attempts to distance his self from the woman. This track seems to be different from Jackson’s previous songs because of the ma- ture themes that are repeated throughout. His previous tracks had a more lively and energetic tone, but “Billie Jean” does not follow that trend. That’s what makes this song so special and unique. Jackson’s darker and maturer “Billie Jeans”, resulted in a greater range of vocals and production. Quincy Jones was Jackson’s producer, and they disagreed about whether this song should remain on the album. Jones felt the song was too large to be included on the album. They came to an agreement and the song was a huge success. Jackson’s vocals truly drove the song. His voice is powerful and can reach into uncharted territory, which was something that made it truly remarkable to hear. Jackson seemed to be chewing his throat in some parts of the song, which further reinforced the idea that this was more an inner monologue. This song is a great combination of Jackson’s vocals, backing vocals, and layers. Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, which I first heard when I was eight years of age, was my first ever song. I will always remember the vivid moment when I saw the music videos for the song at my friend’s house. The song itself is amazing, but the nostalgia factor will always be a part of my affection for Michael Jackson. The song became more and more special to me as I grew in my appreciation. This song was what led me to Jackson’s extensive discography. Jackson’s “Thriller”, a track I personally love and which has shaped pop music’s perception, is my favorite. However, there is one track on the album that I think is weak. The title song, “Human Na- ture”, doesn’t feel like it should be included on the album. Details are what make this song a failure. I don’t like the production. Jackson’s backing vocals during the chorus don’t help either. It’s not a great song, but it was one I felt should have been removed from the album or reshaped more energetically. It is easy to talk about Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” being an overrated project. It’s an easy no. I can place myself in the 1980s when the album had a huge reach and was popular. Jackson’s album was a departure from pop music. This album was more refined and sophisticated than his previous project “Off The Wall” and defined Jack-son and established his status as a pop superstar. I would have a completely different view of “Thriller” if I had been there when it was released to the public. As a child, Michael Jackson was one of the most admired musicians of all times. My view and opinions on the album would have drastically changed from 1982. I had the whole history of Jackson, his legacy, at my fingertips. Hearing that history told through the album was an added bonus. The album is a great way to place myself in 1982. However, it would not have been as enjoyable as it is now. The album has a cinematic feel throughout, as I mentioned before. This album does not disappoint. Every song tells its own story and showcases a deeper side of The Kings Of Pop. The songs on this album bring me joy and nostalgia.


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